About Event

A highly motivated group of patients and caregivers from the pain community coordinates the International Pain Summit for the International Pain Foundation. We address education, awareness and social needs of the patients in pain across the globe. The main purpose of the iPain Summit is to instill confidence in the and access to proper and timely care in the pain community. This year’s theme is Individualizing Healthcare with a focus on what individual patients need and how to get the access. We will have more than 40 presenters over 3 days. We educate to bring more affordable, safe and effective treatments to the pain community. We are diverse in both our geography and relationship to the community, as we represent all aspects of pain diseases, from patient to caregiver to professionals to industry leaders. We will also be honoring this year’s iPain Hero of Hope & Community Impact Winners!

About Company

International Pain Foundation (iPain) is your Power of Pain headquarters. We recognize the value of every person who makes up the chronic pain community. We are guided by our commitment to excellence, leadership and patient empowerment.